Thursday, October 16, 2008

1937: "Fundamentals of Exhibition Design" - by Herbert Bayer

This is something really interesting that I came across today while digitizing various material here at The New York Public Library - (where I work as Head Photographer doing digital archiving and reproduction photography of fascinating items from the various collections). This "Fundamentals of Exhibition Design" was written in 1937 by Herbert Bayer (a graphic designer, typographer, photographer, painter, environmental designer, sculptor and exhibition designer). It brings up some thought provoking ideas about exhibition design, flow, perspective and field of vision. Some of the illustrations are great...particularly the last one.

This essay by Herbert Bayer is also mentioned in the essay by Christopher Phillips titled "The Judgment Seat of Photography" in the quarterly journal OCTOBER (Autumn, 1982). That entire article can be read HERE.


Unknown said...

Great post, Pete! (and great seeing you monday night)

— Jason

Anonymous said...

Excellent look into the work of a amazing man who was way ahead of his time.